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What follows it the full text of the biographies of the members of the second Berlusconi cabinet, as they appeared on the Italian government website ( in early December 2001. Without wanting to spoil the pleasure of discovery, a few personal favourites: the (fascist) youth front becomes “forehead of the youth”, and it is revealed that its former secretary Maurizio Gasparri used to direct “juvenile periodicals”. The Bocconi university in my native Milan becomes “the University Mouthfuls”, while the secessionist Northern League is the “Alloy of the North”. Letizia Moratti (whose first name becomes Joy) is credited with the restructuring of our national broadcaster, in the form of “a wide one slowly of inner reorganization and productive strengthening”. But the greatest accomplishment belongs to Renato Ruggiero, whose tireless efforts for the promotion of the South includes spearheading the “Bottom of Regional Development”.

It would be all very droll except of course the joke is entirely on us - it’s eight years later and many of these fine individuals are still Ministers of the Republic.

Been born to Bologna 3 January 1952. Married, daughter has one. Graduated in psycology, she is journalist professional from 1979. National secretary of the Forehead of the Youth in 1977, is elect deputy for before turns the 26 June 1983.
From December 1987 to January 1990 he is national secretary of the MSI-DN, assignment that he newly covers from the July of 1991. To the conference of Fiuggi (25-29 January 1995) comes elect President of National Alliance.
To the political elections of 1996 he is elect deputy in the college Rome 24; he is elect European parliamentarian in all and the five national circoscrizioni in 1994. To the administrative ones of November of 1997 he is elect communal councilman of Rome. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative with the majority system in the circoscrizione XV (LAZIO 1)

Been born to Avezzano (Aquila) 15 April 1935 and resident to Rome. Journalist - graduated in Jurisprudence. After to have practised for some years the profession forense, in the legal study of the father, it passed to the militant journalism, a profession in which it had moved the first steps already in the years of the Grammar school and the University like correspondent of Province, from Avezzano before and the Aquila then, where she was correspondent of some national daily paper, RAI and the Handle. In 1958 the Time was moved to Rome like Editor de where it has made experience in all the Foreign Services and in particular the Service, before assuming the responsibility of the Province Writing and the Writing Secretariat which Editor Head.

Been born to Florence the 7 July 1940. Married, graduated in international right to the Faculty of Legge State dell.Università of Milan, it has taught English and worked in publicity like copywriter. From the salary " Prestige " of the " Courier of the Evening " passes " to the Stone Day " Italian and becomes in short head of the economic service.
From 1975 it is sended special, before for l.economia and the finance, then for the more important events than political international. It enters later on in 1984 to the " Messenger " like envoy and like editorialista. It follows the main war events, from the Middle East to the Falkland islands, participates nearly all the apexes of G 7, company inquiries sull.Europa that it changes, from the fall of the Berlin wall to Maastricht, for 53 days writes up a daily comment on the Gulf War.
In 1992 head is name central editor and after six months it is assistant manager vicario. It knows four languages (English, French, portuguese and Spanish), has collaborated with the
BBC, the Radio of Italian Switzerland and with other average foreign before passing to politics in Italy Force in 1996. Elect deputy in the proportional list of the Tuscany, ago part of the WAYS permanent Commission (Culture, Science and Instruction) in XIII the legislatura. Responsible of the Field Communication and Image of Italy Force, is megaphone of the President Berlusconi and Italy Force. (trad. "è il megafono del presidente Berlusconi e del battaglione italia")Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in the circoscrizione of the Tuscany.

Been born to Ittiri (Sassari) 2 January 1937. Conjugated, it has three sons. It resides to Sassari. E' assistant manager of one industrial holding company (SFIRS) for the rebirth of the Sardinia. Provincial, regional and national leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has been head of national the political secretariat from 1975 to the 1980 (Zaccagnini secretariat).
He joins to Italy Force in 1994, from 1996 is member of the committee of Predidenza di Forza Italy. Deputy of the DC from 1972 to 1992, in VIII the legislatura is undersecretary of State to the Treasure from 23 October 1980 to 1° February 1983; in the IX and X legislatura is undersecretary of State to the Defense from 1° the 4 August 1986 to July 1990.
Elect E' deputy of Italy Force in the lists for the proportional quota XXVI the circoscrizione Sardinia in 1994 and 1996. In XII the legislatura he is vicario vice president of the group parliamentarian of Italy Force and member of IV the Defense Commission. In XIII the legislatura he is President of the Group parliamentarian of Italy Force, member of IV the Defense Commission and the Italian delegation to the CSCE. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative.

Been born to Rome 14 March 1957. Graduated in jurisprudence, to 22 years, near the University " the Wisdom " of Rome. White woman has collaborated with the Chairs of Civil law of prof. M. Giorgianni and prof. the C.M.; he is scientific article author numerous in matter of administrative trial-like right, contracts, supplies and contracts publics.
Proxy of the State in 1981, Lawyer of the State in 1984 near the General Legal profession of the State. Magistrate of the T.A.R. in Piemonte until the nomination to Councilman of State happened for public competition in 1986. Councilman Giuridico of the Minister of the Treasure from 1986 and then, in 1990 and 1991, of the Vice president of the Council; in 1993 he becomes Vice Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office. In 1994, to 37 years, he is General Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office and the successive year Minister for the Public Function and the Regional Transactions. In the same year general Secretary of the Giulio Foundation is name Honest.
In 1996 he discharges himself from the assignment of Minister for candidarsi to the political elections with the Pole for the Freedoms, List of Italy Force. He comes elect to the Parliament in the uninominale College of Bolzano Laives. In september 1996 it is elect to the unanimità President of the Committee Parliamentarian for the Intelligencies agency and emergency and for the secret of State. In 1997 he is elect Councilman Comunale to Rome, assignment from which he discharges himself in August 2000.
In 1999 he comes comes name, together to prof. Andrea Manzella and the Prof. Lamberto Cardia, expert of the Cones with the assignment to collaborate to the new drawing up of the federal Charter of the Italian sport agency. It makes part of the Committee of Presidency of Force Italy (1998) and coordinates the permanent work group for the Regions governed from the coalition of the " House of the Freedoms ". Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative with the proportional system in the circoscrizione VIII (VENETO 2).

Been born to Gallipoli (C#lecce) the 6 june 1948. Conjugated, father of four daughters. He lives to Rome where he is ordinary university professor of Science of Politics near the University S. Pio V. He has studied Jurisprudence to Turin and to Rome, where he has graduated himself with a thesis in History of the Political Doctrines lead under the guide of prof. the Augusto Of the Walnut of which he will become assistant and friend (trad. "sotto la guida del prof. l'Augusto della Noce - nel senso del frutto - di cui diventerà assistente e amico")and with which a lasted intellectual society beyond vent' years will live.
He has taken care himself of Philosophy, social Ethics, Economy and Politics near the International Academy of Philosophy of the Principato of the Liechtenstein of which it has been Prorettore and he has held lessons and seminaries of Ethics near the Catholic University of Lublino that has conferred it the bachelor honoris cause in Philosophy in the May of 1994.
He has carried out activity of course, seminaries, encounter, lessons in the United States promoted in collaboration with the most authoritative representatives of the intellighenzia North American. He attends the American Enterprise Institute di Washington directed from M. Novak, the Ethics and Public Policy Center di G. Weigel to Washington, the The Acton Institute di R. Sirico in Michigan, the Religion and Public Life di R. Neuhaus to New York. Member of the writing council of numerous Italian and foreign reviews let alone editorialista of various daily paper. Elect in May 2001 in the circoscrizione III (LOMBARDY 1) College 10 - Milan.

Been born to Lucera (Foggia) 20 October 1941. Conjugated and it has two daughters. In 1965 one has graduated in Economy near the University Mouthfuls of Milan. It has carried out the military service of lever to Rome, in quality of official of the Grenadiers of Sardinia. In 1968 it has been called to near the center of Milan of IBM Italy. Subsequently it has been name, in 1978 and until 1980, director of branch (office) great customers to Rome. Between 1980 and 1983 have been moved in the United States near IBM Corporation where, between the other, it has assumed the assignment of assistant of the President.
In 1983, re-entered in Italy, it has been name Commercial Director of IBM Italy, assignment that it has covered until 1987. Subsequently and until 1989 responsible operating unit of some European countries has had the assignment of General Manager of one, near the European Direction of IBM of Paris. In 1990 it has been name general manager of IBM Italy and, in 1991, ne he has become the President. To aim 1991 it has been name, from the Administrative board, Vice-president of IBM Corporation of which, in 1993, it has become member of the directive world-wide committee of the Corporation.
In 1994 it has been moved newly to Paris in order to go to cover loads with President and General manager of IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa; organization with operations in beyond 100 countries, a turnover of 30 billions of dollars and with beyond 100,000 persons.
In 1997, also continuing to cover it loads with President, has left the responsibilities operating of IBM Europe in order to cure the operations of marketing of the society to world-wide level. In 1998, finally, it has covered loads with President of IBM Emea (Europe, Middle East and Africa) with center to Paris. E' member, moreover, of the Administrative board of the University Mouthfuls and Vice-president of the Aspen Istitute Italy

Been born to Agrigento 25 February 1947 and it resides to Palermo. Conjugated and it has three sons. University professor of Accounting of State in the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the University of Palermo. E' be Teaching of constitutional Right in the same Faculty and University professor stabilized person in charge of Administrative Right in the Faculty of Economy and Commerce of the University of Palermo.
It has gained prizes and scholarships in Italy and to the foreign country. E' author of various banns between which: · " the commission in the Ordering Italian Parliamentarian "; · " Public agencies and public enterprises in the control of the Court of Conti "; · " First observations in matter of military servitudes " and " regional Specialty "; · " the decisions of public finance ". E' Lawyer Cassazionista and official Revisore of the accounts. E' be City council member to the Common one of Palermo to the Culture, the Patrimony, the Police Urbana and Annona and Presidente of the Commission Budget and the Commission for the Charter.
E' be elect for before the time to the Senate in 27 thePalermo-Capaci College March 1994 and rieletto in the same 21 College April 1996. E' be elect President of the Group parliamentarian of Italy Force to the Senate the 14 june 1994 and reconfirmed in the same 10 charge May 1996. Member of the Council of Europe - UEO in the XII° Legislatura, of the Commission Constitutional Transactions in the XII° and the XIII° Legislatura and of the Commission Finances and Treasure in the XIII°. Member of the Interpaliamentary Union, President of the Bilateral Section of Italy friendship Middle East in the XIII° legislatura. Elect in May 2001 to the Senate in Sicily.

Been born to Siracusa 16 December 1966. Married, imprenditrice. In 1990, to 23 years, he has been elect Young president of the Group Entrepreneurs of Siracusa. In 1994 it has been elect to the Room in the proportional list of Italy Force. In the course of XII the legislatura she has been member of the Commission Public work and Private, member of the Special Commission for l.infanzia and member substitute of the Council d.Europa and dell.Ueo.
In 1996 it has been elect in the uninominale college of Siracusa. In XIII the legislatura it has covered l.incarico of vice president of the group parliamentarian of Force Italy to Montecitorio, member of the commission Public work and Private and member of the interpaliamentary group Italy-Spain. Elect in the May of the 2001 to the House of reprensentative in the uninominale college of Siracusa

Been born to Bergamo 17 November 1926. Bachelor in law, it is married with mrs. Italy. Enrolled to the MSI since 1946, Tremaglia ne becomes managing in 1948. After l.esperienza in the central Committee, in 1954 it enters to make part of the Direction and in 1972 he becomes Responsible of the Department of foreign politics of the Party. Elect to the Room for before the time in 1972, between several the assignments, l.On.
Tremaglia has covered that one of Foreign President of the Commission and President of the Committee parliamentarian for the Italians in the World. And moreover general Secretary of the Tricolour Committee of the Italians in the World and member of the Committee of Presidency of the General Council of the Italians all.Estero. Defined the " parliamentarian with the heart ", Tremaglia has dedicated to all its life to the " battle of civilization " for l.esercizio of the right of ballot of the Italians all.estero.
In name of this trentennale engagement, Tremaglia is l.unico deputy who is successful to change to two times the Constitution with the modification of articles 48 (institution of circoscrizione Foreign) and 56 and 57 (number of the deputies and elect senators from the Italian citizens all.estero). The first thought of the Minister Tremaglia, all.atto of the oath in the hands of the President of the Republic, Carl Azeglio Ciampi, has been for the Marzio son, already City council member to the Culture of 22 the Lombardy Region and scomparso prematurely April 2000. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in the circoscrizione IV (LOMBARDY 2).

Been born to Cassano Magnago (Settembre 1941 GOES) the 19. Conjugated, 4 sons, live to Gemonio (GO). Diploma of scientific maturity. Specialized in electronics applied to the medicine. In 1979 autonomist of the alpine people enters in contact with the world and ne she becomes the flagman in the Po regions.
In 1984 he constitutes the Alloy North, initially Alloy Lombarda-Liga Veneta. Journalist, is founding of various various journalistic heads and average. In 1996 he supports the Padania like independent political entity. Subsequently, when the Lira enters in the euro and new political scenes are opened, he comes to an agreement himself with the Pole of the Freedoms in order to safeguard the national sovereignties of Europe of the people, in alternative to the superstate of the tecnocrazia and the left bureaucracy of the European and in order to concretely apply in Italy the devoluzione to the Regions, that is the federalismo.
Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in the circoscrizione III (LOMBARDY 1) College 3 - Milan 3.

Been born to Modena 15 January 1950 and resident to Modena. Conjugated with three sons. Graduated with praise in jurisprudence, lawyer. It has lend military service in the Arm of the Police officers. 1969 begin its political activity in the iscrivendosi to the Christian Democratic Party. E' be communal councilman to Modena, regional councilman and head consiliare group of the DC in Emilia Romagna. E' be elect deputy for before the time in April 1992 in the lists of the Christian Democratic Party, circoscrizione Parma - Modena - Piacenza - Reggio Emilia.
In January 1994 he has been between the founders of the Chistian Democratic Center. Rieletto deputy in March of 1994 has been reconfirmed in May 1996. It has covered the assignment of President of the Group Parliamentarian of the Chistian Democratic Center and that one of Vice-president of the House of reprensentative. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in College 14 of Lecco.

Been born to Naples in 1930. After the bachelor in jurisprudence near l.Università of Naples, Renato Ruggiero has entered in the diplomatic career in 1953. He has begun its functions all.estero with l.incarico of Vice Consul d.Italia to S. Paul of Brazil. In January of 1959 it has been transferred all.Ambasciata d.Italia to Moscow, where he has followed the normalization of the cultural and commercial relations between Soviet l.Unione and l.Italia during the years of the destabilization, the crisis of Berlin and l.emergente conflict between China and Soviet l.Unione.
In 1962 it has been transferred all.Ambasciata d.Italia to Washington, where he has followed l.ultima phase of kennediana politics, the crisis missile with Cuba, the relationships East-West and the war in Vietnam. In 1964, re-entered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Rome, he has been Head of the Secretariat of the Political Transactions of the Ministry.
In 1966 it has been destined like Councilman all.Ambasciata d.Italia in Belgrade in order to follow from that one vital the developments of the relations East-West and, in 1968, the vicissitudes of the spring of Praga. In 1969 the second phase of its diplomatic career in the course is begun of which European dell.Unione has been dedicated to the construction. Envoy to the Permanent Representation d.Italia near the European Community of Brussels, has negotiates the fundamental agreement on the social emergency for the migranti workers. In July 1970 it has been name Head of Cabinet of the President of the European Commission, Frank Maria Malfatti. In this role he has participated to the negotiation that they have carried all.entrata of United Kingdom, of Denmark and dell.Irlanda in the European Community, to the development of the first definition Monetary dell.Unione and to the official launch. in 1972. of the plan of European Union to the Apex of Paris. After to have been shortly the political Councilman of the President of the European Commission Sicco Mansholt, it has been name General manager for Regional Politics in the same Commission of Brussels and has directed, with the European Commissioner George Thomson, the negotiation for the creation of the Bottom of Regional Development and that is of piu. the important financial instrument of support to the Regions less developed d.Europa.
In 1977 it has been Megaphone of the President of the European Commission, Roy Jenkins, participating to the jobs that have carried to the launch of European Monetary Sistema. From 1978, given of its I re-enter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Rome, until the 1987 Ruggiero has covered one series of places to piu. the high level in the Italian diplomatic service: it has it negotiate l.entrata dell.Italia in European Monetary Sistema, has covered the role of Councilman Diplomatico of the Prime Minister of the Ministers and of Head of Cabinet of two Ministers of the Foreign countries. In 1980 it has been name Ambassador, Permanent Representative d.Italia near the European Communities of Brussels, role that it has held for four years. To its I re-enter to Rome, he has become General manager of Economic Transactions (1984-85) and has caught up the maximum degree of the diplomatic career which General Secretary of the Farnesina (from 1985 to 1987). In all this period it has been also Personal Representative of the Prime Minister for seven Apexes of G7, let alone President of the Executive committee dell.OCSE of Paris. Between 1987 and 1991, Ruggiero has been Minister for the Foreign trade. During these years it has realized the program of liberalizzazione of the Italian foreign trade and the complete liberalizzazione of the capital flows. After the assignments of Government, in 1991, Renato Ruggiero has left the career diplomatic and has entered in the Italian, European Society and Administrative board of Fiat several and Americans, like Director or International Adviser.
In the 1995 l.Ambasciatore Ruggiero World-wide dell.Organizzazione of the Commerce to Geneva has been elect from the Governments of 130 Countries General manager, role that it has covered until 1999. During this period it has put in work the system of solution of the relative controversies to world-wide the commercial exchanges based on the Right and not on the force ratios. It has moreover pursued l.obiettivo of one piu. wide inclusion of the Developing countries in the world-wide exchanges and of the commercial liberalizzazione to favor of the 48 poor Countries piu. of the world. Its mandate has seen also l.avvio of an institutional dialogue with the not governmental Organizations, while three large negotiation world-wide, sviluppatisi during its direction dell.O.M.C. have found positive conclusion: the liberalizzazione to total level of the telecommunicationses, dell.informatica and of the financial services. To expiring of its mandate to Geneva, in May 1999, Ruggiero it has been called to Rome in order to cover loads with President dell.ENI, assignment that has left in the september of the same year in order to assume, in January 2000, loads with Vice-president with the Schroder Salomon Smith Barney International, with center to London, and of President of the same Bank for l.Italia. And state also called in the Advising or Administrative boards of some important Italian and foreign Societies. Numerous the high onorificenze that l.Ambasciatore Ruggiero has received from the Italian Government and the foreign Governments: between the others, it it has been conferred from the President of the Italian Republic the title of Knight of Great Cross, from the Pontefice Giovanni Paul II that one of Knight of Great Croce dell.Ordine Equestre di S. Gregorio Magno, from Regina Elisabetta II that one of Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, dall.Imperatore of Japan the Grand Order of the Sacred Treasure.

The history of the Scajola family, and that one of the public life of Imperia in the post-war period is interlaced closely. The father, Ferdinand, much legacy to De Gasperi and Mons. Tardini, future Secretary of State of Giovanni XXIII, was the founder to Imperia of the Christian Democratic Party in the post-war period, for a decade Provincial Secretary of the Party, and mayor of Imperia; the greater brother, Alexander, parliamentarian for two legislature and mayor anch' he. Of Claudius Scajola, it can be said that politics have been symbolically in its destiny end from birth: to tenerlo between the arms in the day of the Baptism she was Maria Roman De Gasperi, daughter of Trentino statesman to which Italy must the post-war rebirth. Sure politics were for he one the most premature vocation: while compiva the studies to the Grammar school Classic De Amicis, in spite of the premature loss of the father, and also perhaps moved just from the will of seguirne the example, to single 14 years founded with some companions of school the " Student Group ", of moderated catholic inspiration. Scajola, that it would then have supported in the Juvenile Movement of the DC, reaching to make part of the National Direction, in years ' 60 will be one of the protagonists of the juvenile political life to Imperia, in hard contrast to the left. Managing of INADEL (today INPDAP), to Imperia the own experience of public administrator began young. In 1975 it was called to preside the regional Hospital of Costarainera, where it brought to light its dowries of concretezza and organizational efficiency: a Hospital in conditions of serious degradation transformed in little years in one sanitary structure to the vanguard in Liguria. From to the Presidency of the neocostituita USL Imperiese the step short and it was discounted here. History Teresa Verda, teaching of the art, daughter of an important had married itself in the meantime with Maria lawyer of Imperia, and had become father of two sons, Pier Carl and Lucia, today both university ones. To the moglie and the sons, like however to the mother, mrs. Maria Victoria Truini, than he has always grown it, he will remain legatissimo. In 1980,
to 32 years, the income in communal Council to Imperia; he will be mayor of the city in 1982-83, and then a second time from 1990 to 1995. Such period is contraddistinto between other from a strong tourist and sport support to the comparto of the city: in those years in fact it comes realized the polifunzionale swimming pool, considered beautifulst of the Liguria, and come recovered from the sea wide spaces that today constitute the indispensable presupposed ones for the realization of a great tourist port. They go remembered also the adoption of the Flat Regolator, the reorganization of finances, the inventory, I use it, in the faster and concrete shapes of the appropriations of law in order to proceed to structural participations; water supplying; the urbano:interventi requalification of the furnishings aimed above all to improve the quality of the life of Imperia, in the things that every day the citizens interest: the average publics, the roads, the lighting system, the parks and the garden (to which dedicated particular attention: they are also one its personal passion). And still, he all over the world must to its personal engagement the development of the prestigious gathering of the " Sails of age ", famous, and the consequent gemellaggio with Newport, " capital " of the sail in the United States, and historical center of the regattas of the America Goblet. In 1995 succeeding the civic list guided with " To train Imperia ", than the communal ones it reached a step from the Victoria, against the left (than godeva also of the support of exponents of the center-right then). Endured after, Silvio Berlusconi the churches to enter in Italy Force, affidandogli the assignment of coordinator of the Province of Imperia. After little months, the first Victoria, in which in little they had believed, to the communal elections of Sanremo. In 1996, elect deputy in the list of the Pole for the Freedoms in the uninominale college Liguria 2 with 35,443 ballots (44.7% comes). From 8 May 1996 Berlusconi entrusts it the national responsibility of the Organization of Italy Force. Italy force was a movement of opinion, collected around to the figure of the Leader and its carisma, but unavoidablly little defined in the structure, lacking in endowed organs directives of precise competences, vague in its borders (did not exist a tesseramento), little taken root on the territory. Scajola is put endured to the job. It re-unites a square with which she begins to work in order to prepare charter and regulations, after to have carefully studied the models of the Italian and foreign parties. The charter, approved of in January 1997, delineates a light, undamaged party from the defects of old partitocrazia, but the organized one, with of the rules, an inner democracy that entrust to the base, to the enrolled one and to the constituents, choice direct and without mediations of the apexes to all the levels. With the charter the adhesions, organized become possible in a shape that guarantees the maximum of opening to all: immediate they have happened, an always increasing one, from 130.000 the enrolled one of 1997 to the 350.000 today, although the cost of the ticket is highest in absolute between the Italian parties. Between the autumn of 1997 and the spring of 1998, the provincial conferences are carried out, through which the local leaders of the party come elect. Contextually, the various electoral successes in returned the administrative ones begin to leave from 1998. From then today it is more than doubled, the number of the Mayors pertaining to Italy Force passing from 409 to 868; that one of the Presidents of Province has grown from 7 to 23. Finally from the 16 to 18 April of 1998, to Milan, 3000 delegated gather in 1° the National Conference of Italy Force. The happened one is clamorous, and plugs the mouth to the adversaries and the skeptics. The " light party ", the " party of people " thought and intentional from Silvio Berlusconi is by now an organized truth, working, taken root on territorio:una the constituted structure they give beyond 9,000 leaders, and pictures of party, all volunteers, that it expresses approximately 8000 local administrators to all the levels. Claudius Scajola has carried out the task that gives to two years before the President had entrusted to it. Endured after the conference Berlusconi the nomination National Coordinator of Italy Force. Italy force is by now one agile, efficient instrument, taken root on the territory, respected from allied and opposing, able to choose credible candidates to propose the constituents. This has been one of the fundamental elements that have
competition to the clamorous victories of European 1999, of Regional the 2000 and the political of the slid May. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in the circoscrizione X (LIGURIA) College 2 - Imperia.

Been born to Lecco the 12 July of 1946. Diploma to the grammar school classic To Manzoni of Lecco and after the maturity is enrolled to the Polytechnic of Milan, where in the 1971 bachelor in Mechanical englneering. It attends course of specialization in the United States and England. Practical activity of advanced search and technological development, give beyond ten years work to the development of innovative a technological system for the electronic discouragement of the noise. It has participated to the jobs for I launch of regulations the EEC and, in quality of technical adviser of the European Commission, to the appraisal of plans of technological innovation in environmental field. E' also author of numerous national and international banns and course of formation advanced for engineers. Teaching E' to the Polytechnic of Milan of the course " Elements of control of the noise in the buildings ". It has completed trent' years of job in company, at first like production manager, then like freelance and entrepreneur. Currently it has suspended its professional activity for dedicarsi to full time to the institutional assignment. In 1986 it joins to the Lombardic Alloy, it is the first one of the elect ones in Provincial Council to Como in 1990 and Common to Lecco in 1990. Elect deputy for before the time in 1992 with the proportional system, comes then rieletto in 1994 in the majority uninominale college of Lecco and in 1996 like senator in the college to horse of the province of Lecco and Bergamo (trad. "senatore nel collegio da girare a cavallo delle province di Lecco e Bergamo"). In Parliament he has been: Vice president of the Group Alloy North to the Room; Group leader in Commission You transport; Member of the Commission Budget of the Senate and the Committee parliamentarian for the accusation procedures; Member of the bicameral Commission for the regional Transactions, of vigilance RAI and Inquiry on the Terrorism and the Massacres. From 1999 he is President of the Group Parliamentarian of the Alloy North to the Senate. Elect in May 2001 to the Senate in college 35 of the Lombardy.

Been born to Sondrio 18 August 1947. Graduated in Jurisprudence; Lawyer, University Teacher. Ordinary university professor of fiscal Right in the Faculty of Jurisprudence. Winner of Scholarships of the CNR of the Ministry of Education. E' be Director of the Institute of Finance of the University of Parma. E' Associate manager of the Review of right financial and science of finances. E' be editorialista of the World and the Courier of the Evening. It has participated, like member to the jobs of numerous Commission, between which: Italian delegation for the treaty against the double Italy-cUsa impositions; joint commission Italy-Vatican, for the financing of the ecclesiastical agencies. President of the Commission for the monetary reform. Lawyer pleader in Cassation. Minister of Finances in the first government Berlusconi. Member of the bicameral Commission for the reform of the Italian Constitution. Member of the Executive committee of Aspen Institute Italy. Associate, for the class of moral sciences of the Lombardic Institute, Academy of Sciences and Letters. He takes care himself of: straight fiscal constitutional general and; straight trial-like fiscal; straight fiscal communitarian and compared; fiscal policy; geofinanza. Author of numerous banns. Between the books they are signaled: " Imposition and definitività in fiscal right " Milan, Giuffrè, 1977; " the one hundred taxes the Italians ", (with Vitaletti) Bologna, the Flour mill, 1986; " the industrial fiscality " Bologna, the Flour mill, 1988; " the fair of the taxes ", (with Vitaletti)
Bologna, the Flour mill, 1991; " Nations without wealth riches without nation ", (with Galgano, Cassese, Treu) Bologna, the Flour mill, 1993; " the fiscal federalismo ", (with Vitaletti) Bariums, Laterza, 1994; " fiscal reform " Milan, Oscar Mondadori, 1995; " the ghost of the poverty ", (with Luttwack and Pelanda) Bariums, Laterza, 1995. Legislative activity Bills in parliament introduced like first signer: Dispositions for the reform of the norms on the election of the House of reprensentative; Simplification and fiscal rationalization of the obligation in matter of electronic commerce. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative.

Been born to Rome 18 February 1935. Married, it has two sons. E' be ordinary university professor of Economic Politics and Financial institution near the faculty of political sciences of the university of Rome (from the 1974) and university professor of Political Economy near the LUISS of Rome (from 1978). Already preside of the faculty of Economy and commerce of abruzzese University (1968-71), director of the Institute of Economic, financial and Statistical Studies of the faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Rome (1974-80), nonchè ordinary of history and Monetary policy of same faculty (1971-74). E' be president of the COFIRI S.P.CA., Councilman of the CNEL in quality of expert, nonchè member of the Committee for the privatizations (Committee Dredges near the Commission and ministry of the treasury), of Guarantee of the Information Statistics (Presidency of the Council). it has made part of the Administrative board of numerous societies between which the Agip nuclear, the Savings and loan company of Rome, the Bank of Rome and the Bench of Sicily. E' be called to make part of several organisms, between which: the Commission for the general relation on the economic situation of the Country near the Budget Ministry, the Commission of study for the public debit near the ministry of the treasury, the Committee for industrial politics in the mid term near the European Economic Community, the Committee for the economic programming near the Budget Ministry, the Commission for the High advising on the productivity and the efficiency of the public expense (ministry of the treasury), the scientific Council for the programming of the electric power (ENEL). Designated to minister of the Transports in the government Dynes, it has declined the assignment. Elect parliamentarian in 1996 in the proportional lists of Italy Force in the Lazio and the Veneto, has opted for this last one. E' be vicario vice-president of the group parliamentarian of Force Italy to the Room, president of the bicameral Commission for the reform of the budget of the State and economic responsible of Italy Force. E' author of approximately 150 banns on the problems of the economy (trad. "è autore di circa 150 pubblicazioni matrimoniali sui problemi dell'economia")and member of several scientific associations. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in the circoscrizione XX (CAMPANIA 2).

Been born to Milan 26 November 1949. Married and it has two sons. Between more you notice you notice European entrepreneurs, having developed in last the 25 numerous years international activities in the field financial, insurance, of " risk management ", the communication services and in the new field of the average, Joy (trad. "Letizia")Brichetto Arnaboldi Moratti has had in passed to the operating important responsibility Italian and foreign groups engaged in complex plans of restructure and development. Before assuming the current ministerial assignment he has been President of Syntek Capital Group, European investment trust in the field of the telecommunication and average, of which it remains today greater shareholder and Chairman of the Advisory Board. In past, Joy Brichetto Arnaboldi
Moratti, has realized, like President and General executive manager of the News Corp Europe between November 1998 and september 1999, the plan of expansion in Europe of the activities of the group guided from Rupert Murdoch. Between the achieved objectives, I throw again productive and commercial of Stream, the second digital television platform in Italy, and the development of TM3 Gmbh, new network of the pay-Tv German. In this phase it has been member of the executive board of the News Corporation Ltd USA and of the television society British BSkyB. Between 1994 and 1996, Joy Brichetto Arnaboldi Moratti has been President of RAI - Radio Italian Television. In that period RAI has realized a wide one slowly of inner reorganization and productive strengthening, that it has carried to eliminate the previous losses and to achieve meaningful profits budgetary. In the course of its entrepreneurial activity, begun already in 1974, Joy Brichetto Arnaboldi Moratti in 1994 it has acquired the Nikols Group, carrying in short time to the position of national leader of the market of the insurance brokeraggio. " turnaround " of the society expansion of the activities in Europe and Latin America has been realized in single 12 months thanks to one strongly. Subsequently, and after to have municipal 70 operations of fusion and concentration of the own activities in 12 countries, the Nikols has formed an international alliance with the Sedgwick group. From many years it is engaged in activity of analysis and planning of services advances for the industry. Between the other it has promoted the development of the Federation of the Advanced Terziario, of which he has been Vice-president, that it collects beyond 500 mila assigned to the professional services in the computer science field, of the publicity and direct the marketing. It has moreover guided the Italian Association Brokers di Assicurazioni Reinsuring. In the same period has launch the initiative of the Public Administration Search Systems to which they join the greater Italian industrial groups and that it is taken care to supply contributions of study, searches, planning, attendance and support to Public Administration. From 1996 it is member of the Directive Council of the UNI, Italian National Agency of Unification, predisposed to the definition and certification of the standards of industrial qualities. From the 1998 ago part of the advisory commission of the World Intellectual Property Organization, specialistic institution of the UN. In the 2001 it has made part of the Advisory Board di Carlyle Group - Europe. Assistant from 1972 to 1973 of European Communitarian Right to the University of Milan, Joy Brichetto Arnaboldi Moratti participates to numerous humanitarian activities and of social welfare. From 1996 it is member of the Directional Committee Rainbow - International Association Against drug and from March of the 2000 is Ambassador of program UNDCP of the UN.

Been born to Varese 15 March 1955. Married with two sons. Graduated in jurisprudence, lawyer. Enrolled to the group parliamentarian Alloy Nord Padania. Already deputy in Legislature XI, XII and XIII. E' be Vice-president of Consiglio and Minister of the Inside in the first Government Berlusconi. Elect in May 2001 in the circoscrizione IV (LOMBARDY 2).

Been born to Messina 22 December 1942. Graduated in Jurisprudence with the maximum of the ballots discussing one thesis in Political Economy from the title " the multiplier in the Keynesian theory ". In 1965, as a result of selection to European level, has been name " Harkness Fellow of the Commonwealth Fund " for biennium 1966-1968. During such period, it has been specialized near the Department of Economy of the University of Chicago, where he has been student, between the others, of Milton Friedman and George J. Stigler. Married E'
(from 1970) and has two daughters. Political activity Deputy to the Parliament (elect in 1994, rieletto in 1996 and the 2001). President of the Italian group of the Interpaliamentary Union from 1995. One of the founders of Italy Force (its ticket of 1994 has number 2). Member of the Commission Foreign policies of the House of reprensentative. Minister of the Foreign countries in the first government Berlusconi. Responsible of Italy Force for foreign politics. Academic Activity Ordinary university professor of Political Economy, LUISS " G. Carli ", Rome (from 1992). In chair from 1976, he has taught in the University of Bariums, Naples (1976-79), and " the Wisdom " of Rome (1979-92). Assistant of political Economy (1964-1970) and international Economy (1970-76) to " the Wisdom " of Rome. University professor person in charge of international Economy near the University of Messina (1970-1976). Preside of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the LUISS (from 1992 to 1994). Banns Author of 11 books and beyond 150 scientific banns - tests and articles. Between its more recent books: State landladies, the fiscal slavery: dimensions, causes and possible remedies, Sperling & Kupfer Editori, 1997; Economy and freedom (edited by D. Antiseri and G. Gianfreda), Rubbettino publisher, 1996; Lessons of political economy II, Cedam, 1994; Editori Friedman, Ginti & Lisciani, 1994. Its work are appeared, between the other, on: Review of economic politics, Bancaria, international Economy, New political studies. Pubblicistica activity It has collaborated to a great number of daily paper and Italian and foreign periodicals. E' member of the publishing committee of numerous reviews. Scientific committees Famous to international level, it has been called to make part of councils directives and scientific committees of Foundations and institutes of several Countries. Moreover, from 1988 to 1990 he has been president of the Mont Pelerin Society - it loads covered, between the others, from F.A. Hayek, M. Friedman, G.J. Stigler and J.M. Buchanan. Bachelor h.c. in Political Sciences, Universidad Francisco Maroquìn (Guatemala, 1997). Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative.

Been born to 3 Bariums March 1958. Conjugated, a son. He resides to Rome. University diploma of scientific maturity, studies in Civil engineering and building. Entrepreneur. Journalist publicist. In 1990 he constitutes the society of services " Euroservice ", operating in the field of the services dell.edilizia and the juvenile job. Honorary member of the Room of the commerce and dell.industria of the Argentine. It has founded l.associazione of social participation and cultural " cultural Association of Area ". Collaborating dell.associazione not governmental " Movement community ", dell.associazione of voluntary service " Modavi ", the association cooperative " Still ", member of directive of the center the studies " Cepet ". Member of the committee of direction of the salary of the political present time and cultural " Area ". Coautore of the book " the roots and the plan ". Enrolled to the Msi and then to National Alliance. In years Eighty, he has been provincial secretary of the Forehead of the youth. In occasion of the electoral consultation of 1990, for I renew of the regional Council of the Lazio, has turned out first of the elect ones with more than 29,000 ballots than preference. From 1988 to 1991 he has been national secretary of the Forehead of the youth. Already responsible national of the Department social Initiatives and problems of the job of An, ago part of the Direction and national political dell.esecutivo of An of which he has been Coordinator of the economic and social Political. In the 2000 she has been the organizational responsible of the electoral campaign of Francisco Storace for the Presidency of the Lazio Region, is responsible of the political program of the candidate to Mayor of Rome Antonio Tajani. In XIII the legislatura it has made part of 11^ the permanent Commission (Public work and private). First signer of fifteen bills in parliament, cofirmatario of 115 bills in parliament. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in the college 21 Lazio 1.

Been born to Cecina (Them) the 8 september 1940. Conjugated, two sons. Given a degree to in accounting. Political activity and assignments separated Enrolled to National Alliance. Already member of the national secretariat of the MSI-DN and regional Secretary of the Tuscany. It makes part of the political office, the national Direction of the national Assembly of the party. National responsible of the Department for the organization and regional coordinator in Tuscany. Institutional assignments and activity parliamentarian In IX the legislatura it has made part of the Investigating committee parliamentarian on P2 and of the bicameral Commission for the regional issues. In X the legislatura it has made part of the Commission you transport, Posts and Telecommunications and of the special Commission for the communitarian political. In the course of XI the legislatura Commission has been member dlla transports, Posts and Telecommunications and of the Commission inquiry parliamentarian on the phenomenon of the Mafia and the criminal and similari associations. It has written up the relation on the collusione between the Mafia and politics. In XIII the legislatura he has been Minister of the Atmosphere in according to Government Berlusconi, therefore, after the experience of Government has made part of the ninth permanent Commission Transports, Posts and Telecommunications and of the Investigating committee on the cycle of the refusals and connected the illicit activities to it. First signer of seven bills in parliament in matter of: Institution of the Agency for the valorization of the pisano shoreline; institution in Pisa of one distaccata section of the Regional Administrative Tribunal of the Tuscany; law picture in matter of hollow and torbiere; institution in Pisa of one distaccata section of the Court of appeal of Florence; allocation of lodging to the pertaining to the police enforcements from part of the Independent Institutes for Public Housing; Common institution of the consortium of the Garfagnana; obligation of the railroads of the State to institute on the trains travellers to long distance a sanitary servicing. Cofirmatario of 36 bills in parliament, has introduced 43 interrogations. Assignments and activity in the Local Agencies Communal councilman of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (Lu), communal councilman of Livorno for four legislature. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in College 23 of Lucca, Massarosa and Pescaglia.

Been born to Parma the 19 July 1939. Graduated in Civil engineering transports to the University of Padova in 1966. In professional within, its activity begins in 1967 with Enterprise COGEFAR S.p.A., in which from 1972, like responsible of the office Geotecnico and Geomeccanico, it follows the planning and the realization of important works in Italy and to the foreign country. Between they, various dams (in Cameroun, in Guatemala, in Kenia, etc and, in Italy, to Ridracoli), galleries and stations basements for metropolitans (Singapore, Atene, Lione), great trafori (Great Sasso and Frejus). To the beginning of years ' 80 it undertakes the free profession and I found the ROCKSOIL S.p.A, distinguendosi for the profuse engagement in the study of innovative solutions, above all in the field of the tunnelling and the great works in basement, that they find wide dissemination also to outside of the national borders. In 1982 it resolves shiningly, using innovative progettuali outlines, the problems of restoration of the foundations of the railway bridge on the Taro river, partially collapsed in the month of November as a result of an exceptional flood. The bridge came restored in exceptionally short times and the traffic between the north and the south of Italy reopened quite before the christmas ferie. In 1987 it acquires definitive notoriety for the resolution management of the experiment of the tracimazione of the lago formatesi in the Val
Pola during the Valtellina emergency. From then it is invested of numerous assignments governmental publics and. It makes part of the Investigating committee on the tragic fire that in March 1999 it carried to the closing of the Traforo of the Mount White man, of which has written up the restoration plan. He is President of the Italian Society Galleries and ideatore and President of " Plan Quarter Dimension ", been born in the attempt of sensibilizzare the public opinion on the necessity systematically to use the sottosuolo, conceived like " quarter potential dimension " and reservoir of new spaces until today almost made unusable. MINISTERIAL ASSIGNMENTS Councilman of the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic for the problems of the defense and conservation of the territory in relation to great infrastructures (1987-88). Permanent member of the Commission Great Risks of the Ministry for Civil Protection (1984-95). Member of the National Committee for the defense of the ground (Ministry LL. PP.) (1991-94). Member of the Advisory Technical Committee of the Head of the Office Public works of Emergency. Member expert (Art. 7) II and IV Section of the Higher council of the Public works from 1987. ASSIGNMENTS PUBLICS President of the technical-scientific Commission of the Lombardy Region for the reconstruction and the reconversion of the Valtellina and the zones of the Lombardy hit from the idrogeologiche calamities of July 1987. Vice president of the " Valtellina Commission " of the Ministry for the Coordination of the Civil Protection. Adviser of the I.N.F.N. (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) for the Plan Great Pebble. Member of the " Commission of experts " constituted from the Traforo of the Mount S.p.A. White man to continuation of the tragic fire of 24 March 1999 Member of the technical-scientific commission mixed name italo/francese, to continuation followed of the tragic fire of 24 March 1999, from the Common Committee of Administration of the Concessionaires of the Traforo of the Mount White man. Teaching DIDACTIC ACTIVITY to the University of Padova In academic years 1972 - 1973 and 1973 -1974, in the " course of geotecnica " held from the Prof. Columbus, have collaborated in quality of esercitatore for the regarding topics the mechanics of cliffs. Teacher to the University of Teaching Florence of " Consolidation of the ground and cliffs " near the Faculty of Engineering from 1974 to 1989. First reporter of the Thesis of bachelor " Most direct Rome-Florence: study for (' attraversamento in basement of the city of Florence " to which it has been attributed the " Pontello Prize " for the best bachelor in civil engineering 1977-1978. Teacher to the University of Teaching Parma of " Defense and conservation of the ground " near the Faculty of Engineering from 1989 to 1994.

Been born to Milan the 14 september 1933. Married, it has two daughters. Graduated in Medicine and Surgery to the University of Milan, it is specialized in inner Medicine and Immunoematologia. She is free teacher in medical Semeiotica and Hematology. From 1973 it is primary of the trasfusionale Center and immunologia of the transplants of the Policlinico of Milan. Founder of the North Italy Transplant, of which he is president, and secretary of the Federation of the Italian doctor-scientific societies. He has participated to numerous commission and instituted groups of study from the Ministry of Health, of the Common one of Milan and the Lombardy Region, on several thematic (between which, review of the pharmacopoeia, blood, fight to the AIDS, I reorder of the university policlinici, sanitary reform, staminali cells, etc). He has been president of the Italian Society transplants of organ and member of the Higher Health Council. Expert of sanitary organization. He has published beyond 750 scientific jobs on the main international reviews, in particular on transfusions and immunologia and organization of the transplants. Before the assignment of Minister she has been City council member to the social services of the Common one of Milan from 1999.

Been born to Perugia the 9 june 1937. It has been graduated in Political Sciences to Turin where he has been student of Norberto Bobbio. It is married and it has two sons. SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY · Ordinary University professor of Science of Politics and Director of the Center Studies and Searches of Compared Politics, University L. Bocconi of Milan (from the 1984) · already University professor of Politics Compared in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences " C. Alfieri " of the University of Florence (1969-1983) · Main affiliations: International Political Science Association; European Consortium for Political Research; Italian society of Political Science; Institute of International Affairs; International committee for the designation of the candidates to the prize Nobel for the Economy, Real Swedish Academy of Sciences (from 1996) · has held lessons and conferences in political and cultural institutions of 20 Countries POLITICAL ATTIVITA' · Parliamentarian, for three legislature (1994, 1996, 2001) to the House of reprensentative of the Italian Republic. In the 2001 it has been elect in the College Uninominale di Arcore and the Proportional College Lombardy 1 (Milan and Province). · Minister for the Public Function and the Regional Transactions (XII legislatura) · Vice president of the Bicameral Commission for the Institutional Reforms (XIII legislatura) · Vice president of the Commission Foreign policies and Communitarian of the House of reprensentative (XIII legislatura) · Cofondatore of the political Movement " Italy Force ", the Cultural Member of the Committee of Presidency (from January 1994) · Minister for the Assets and Activities (XlV Legislatura) OTHER ATTIVITA' CULTURAL · Cofondatore and Scientific Direttore of the Center of Search and Documentation " Luigi Einaudi " of Turin (from 1973 to the 1983) · Cofondatore and Presidente of the Foundation Rosselli di Torino (1990-1993) · General manager of the ISPI, Institute of International Political Studies, Milan (from 1987 to the 1990) · Scientific Committee of the Center Studies of the Confindustria (1976-1998) · Administrative board of the University L. Bocconi of Milan (1994-1998 · Editorialista de: Stampa, the Courier of the Evening, the Sun 24 Hours, the Newspaper, the Messenger, the World. Elect in May 2001 to the House of reprensentative in Lombardy.

Been born to Rome the 18 July 1956, is married and has one daughter. Journalist professional, has directed juvenile periodicals " Dissent " and " To the Horizon " and has been associate manager of the " Century of Italy ". He has written numerous tests and it is coautore de " the age of intelligence ", published in 1984 and dedicated to the analysis of the society of the information. He has begun young its political activity, impegnandosi in the Forehead of the Youth and the Fuan - Skillful University; of both the organizations have been national President. In 1992 it has been elect for before the time to the House of reprensentative and has been reconfirmed in the elections of 1994 and 1996. In 1994 it has made part of the Government Berlusconi with the assignment of Undersecretary to the Inside. Between it is tightened collaborating than Gianfranco Fini, with which he has shared the way from first years 70, and between it is convinced supporters than one skillful of government in the within of the Pole of the Freedoms. The activity parliamentarian has seen it been involved in the following withins: Emergency and public order Political Internet clandestine Immigration Drug Elect in May 2001 in the circoscrizione XXIII (CALABRIA).

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