Monday, March 7, 2011

Palombella Rossa - clip 3

What else do we have to do? We must look to the new. We must open the doors of the party to everybody: young people, women, workers, movements... we must tell them: "Come! Join the party. Take it. Let's see together what we can do. This... popular... sentiment (music begins) is born of divine workings
It's a mystical and sensual rapture
That Makes me your prisoner.
I should change the object of my desires,
No longer settle for small everyday pleasures
Behave like a Hermit
Who forsakes himself.

And I come looking for you
With the excuse of having to talk to you
Because I like what you think and how you speak
Because in you I see my roots.

This century that is coming to an end
Full of parasites without dignity
Drives me to better myself
With greater will.
Free myself from the nightmare of my passions
Seek the One beyond Good and Evil
Become a divine image
Of This Reality.

And I come looking for you
Because you make me feel good
Because I need your presence.

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