Monday, September 6, 2010

Riddle for the Comrade Don Camillo giveaway

Rebus (1, 4, 8, 2, 1, 4)

This is a rebus with no letters, just pictures. For an explanation of what a rebus is, see this post. The solution is a phrase whose individual words are of the length indicated in the key (eg if the solution were Comrade Don Camillo the key would be (7, 3, 7)).

Guesses in the comments please. I might be back in a couple of days with a hint if nobody seems able to crack it. Prizes are as indicated in the original post.


George D said...

A bomb ellipses in a bust.

Well, that is a literal translation - but I think there must be something further. This is a placeholder, so I can claim first rights.

Philip said...

Two possible interpretations:

Economic: A boom finishes in a bust.

Psychosexual: A bang finishes in a bust.

Word Verification: Cusheadn, the legendary Irish chieftan who wore a pillow instead of a helmet, thus ensuring his eternal readiness for the ravages of Guinness.

Giovanni Tiso said...


Hah! That's very funny. We're basically there, just a wee tweak to get to the exact solution I had in mind, but Philip a) is pretty much on the money.

George D said...

A bomb ellipses an a head

A bom bel lip sees an ahead.

Ben said...

"A boom followed by a bust", though I'm just giving different words to Philip's solution.

Giovanni Tiso said...

Bingo! It was such a nice team effort I'm going to have to rustle up bookish prizes for one and all. (But Philip gets what it said on the box.)

(Ben you might have to kindly confirm which Ben you are!)

Philip said...

Thanks very much. I shall confine my lengthy and madly interesting acceptance speech to Twitter, where you won't have to see it.

Giovanni Tiso said...

Oh that is excellent...! I must say your recent expansion into the world of graphic art is a very promising development and I hope Mr Hood has taken due notice of it.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Philip has astounded me with that acceptance speech.

I also enjoyed the process. Wait until January if you want to pass me a book, I'll be down about then.

Philip said...

Thanks, Giovanni and Anon. As a matter of fact the graphics are not such a recent expansion; the cover illustration on my latest book (still desperately available, by the way) has had to wait about fifteen years for a worthy context, and I have been guilty of a couple of small and deservedly unpublished albums. Should you be interested, some of the page banners here are by me, along with a sizeable minority of the stories.

Word Verification: thokeymo, the Tibetan book of the dentureless.

rob said...

On the topic of boom-bust, here's a thoughtful musing on the end of capitalism:
What happens when you/we run out of 'boom'?