Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John Heartfield Gallery Part 2 of 3

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Göring, the Executioner of the Third Reich.
AIZ, 14 September 1933.

"Hitler tells a fable."
The Third Reich is a pacifist empire.
Its soldiers
aren't soldiers,
they are the angels
of the eternal peace under Hitler,
it's just that their wings
are camouflaged.

AIZ, 26 October 1933

The nation is fully behind me.
I know no political parties, just prisoners!
AIZ, 13 July 1933.

German Acorns 1933
AIZ, 21 September 1933.

Göring salutes the gallows
AIZ, 25 September 1933

For the foundation of the German state church.
Catholic Adolf Hitler has established the evangelical German state church.
The cross wasn't heavy enough.
AIZ, 15 June 1933.

"Hitler, Hitler, give me back my armies!"
Thus Hugen the mountain became Hugen the dwarf.
AIZ, 6 July 1933.

The War.
Painting by Franz von Stuck. Adaptation by John Heartfield.
AIZ, 27 July 1933.

The images are sourced from the catalogues of the following exhibitions:

Fotografia della libertà e delle dittature - da Sander a Cartier-Bresson 1922-1946. Milan, Mazzotta 1995.
Arte della Libertà - antifascismo, guerra e liberazione in Europa, 1925-1945. Milan, Mazzotta 1995.

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