Monday, June 15, 2009

John Heartfield Gallery Part 1 of 3

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the strongest of them all?"
"The crisis."
AIZ, 24 August 1933

An Instrument in God's Hand?
A Toy in Thyssen's Hand!
AIZ, 10 September 1933

Thälmann, / this is a flag / The great, sacred / thing of humanity! / The idea! (André Gide)
Thälmann must be won like one wins a battle (Henri Barbusse)
AIZ, 6 September 1934

A new chair in German universities. Examination of the national physical traits. A certain Professor Vitlawopsky, of the University of Heidelberg, has determined that the human callus, or rather the Germanic type, is able to foresee the future. After the announcement of the discovery of the brilliant researcher, Hitler immediately ordered that 1,300 chiropodists be deported into concentration camps.
AIZ, 31 August 1933

For the Anti-Fascist Congress in Copenhagen
AIZ, 25 May 1933

Diagnosis. "What caused the deformation of the spine?"
"They are the organic consequences of the interminable 'Heil-Hitler!'"
AIZ, 21 March 1935

The three wise men.
And remember: they'll have to keep at it for 25,000 years!
AIZ, 3 January 1935

Class rule remains unchanged in Germany
Everyone's a member of the NSDAP
AIZ, 22 June 1933

With his phrases he wants to suffocate the world.
The man who swore to uphold the German constitution now talks of peace. He shall keep that promise just as he kept his oath.
AIZ, 1 June 1933.

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The images are sourced from the catalogues of the following exhibitions:

Fotografia della libertà e delle dittature - da Sander a Cartier-Bresson 1922-1946. Milan, Mazzotta 1995.
Arte della Libertà - antifascismo, guerra e liberazione in Europa, 1925-1945. Milan, Mazzotta 1995.

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