Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John Heartfield Gallery Part 3 of 3

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Adolf, the superman: he swallows gold and vomits bullshit. (1932)

Justice and the executioner. Göring at the trial for the burning of the Reichstag. "Law to me is a bloody affair". (1933)

The meaning of Geneva: Where there is capital there cannot be peace. (1932)

The old slogan of the "new" Reich: BLOOD AND STEEL (1934)

A dangerous stew. (1934)

The one thousand year Reich. (1934)

German natural history: metamorphosis. (1934)

On the occasion of the intervention of the Third Reich agasint the international caricaturists exhibition in Prague. "The more images they take down from the walls, the more evident the truth becomes." (1934)

As in the Middle Ages... so too in the Third Reich. (1934)

This is the safety that they deliver! (1938)

Monuments to the glory of Fascism. (1936)

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The images are sourced from the catalogues of the following exhibitions:

Fotografia della libertà e delle dittature - da Sander a Cartier-Bresson 1922-1946. Milan, Mazzotta 1995.
Arte della Libertà - antifascismo, guerra e liberazione in Europa, 1925-1945. Milan, Mazzotta 1995.

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